Tybee Jet

Weight & Balance

Weight and balance is deceptively simple, weight times arm equals moment. But many factors can combine to make it complex, like regulations, changeable seating layouts, and fuel considerations, to name a few. AFMatic handles it all for you, making it simple again, while giving you the flexibility to tailor the calculations to your needs. Multiple configurations are a snap, and AC120-27E is supported to satisfy commercial operations. You can do a quick calculation using our zone loading method, or get very specific about placement of each passenger with the assigned seats method, and place passengers in their seats by just clicking on the seat in a floor plan graphic.

  • A quick calculation may be done with just the number of passengers and bags. This will result in two calculations, one for passengers in the forwardmost seats and another for passengers in the aftmost seats. If they are both within limits, you are good to go with passengers located anywhere in the cabin.
  • With assigned seats, you can place passengers exactly where you want them, edit the passenger weights if needed, and calculate weight and balance precisely for that configuration.
  • Weight and Balance results tell you what you need to know the most: can we go? For assigned seats method (shown here), the Center of Gravity (CG) is computed for the specified loading. For the zone method, the CG is computed for all passengers in the forwardmost seats and for all passengers in the aftmost seats. The takeoff gross weight from this calculation is accessible from the takeoff configuration screen with a button click.
  • Scrolling down the Results page reveals the Center of Gravity envelope, including the effects of fuel burn (red line).

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