Tybee Jet

One-Click Weather

Metar / TAF information for thousands of reporting stations, as well as a variety of weather graphics are available with a single click. This doesn’t take the place of a good weather briefing, but is a handy tool for getting a quick update on the weather for your flight.

  • One Click Weather provides you with an immediate connection to over 2,200 weather graphic images, and METAR/TAF reports from over 6,300 airports. Simply open an internet connection, then select the desired map or report, and with one click on the Retrieve button, the information is retrieved from servers at the National Weather Service and NOAA, and delivered to your screen. You won't find an easier way to view weather information anywhere!
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  • Surface Analysis and prognosis for 12, 24, 36, and 48 hours are available for download directly from official National Weather Service and NOAA sources. Select the desired map, and with one click, you're looking at it!
  • METAR and TAF reports are available, as well as area forecast (FA). Enter the airport identifier (METAR/TAF) or select the area (FA), and one click later, the report is on your screen!
  • Select the national composite, or choose to see short or long range current radar images from any weather radar site in the country. Then, you guessed it, one click and you have it on your scope!
  • Select the region and the type of image (visible moisture, infrared, or water vapor), and with one click, you're on top of the world, looking down!

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