Tybee Jet

Database Editing

It is remarkably easy to add takeoff obstacles and SID required climb gradients to the database, which will then be available for every takeoff on the appropriate runway. In addition, new airports and runways may be added for airports that are not in the database. And adding an aircraft to the program and configuring it is the work of just a couple of minutes.

  • Enter and edit the data for additional airports and runways that are not in the worldwide airport database.
  • The obstacle database is one of the great advantages of AFMatic over any other method of calculating field performance data. You may store up to twenty obstacles for each runway. It is up to the user to obtain reliable obstacle data from government or other sources.
  • Although SID (Standard Instrument Departure) required climb gradients are not in the worldwide airport database, they can be added and edited through this screen. Once you have stored the SID data, they will automatically be available for each takeoff calculation.

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