Tybee Jet


Takeoff calculations are thorough and include all available data from sources including the airplane flight manual, flight manual supplements, and operational information supplements such as contaminated runway and SID climb. The calculations have been validated using the same methodology that Gulfstream used to validate the onboard performance computer.

  • The worldwide airport database, a combination of the FAA's airport database and Jeppesen NavData, contains over 7,500 airports with over 19,000 hard-surfaced runways.
  • Enter the atmospheric conditions for the airport at the anticipated time of takeoff. Note that international operations are accommodated with wind units of meters per second and altimeter setting units of hectopascals (millibars).
  • Select the aircraft configuration for the takeoff. Selecting the "Optimize" box will use your selected flap setting but will select a different flap setting if required for the input weight. Leaving the weight blank will give you the maximum allowable weight. Click the TOGW button to get the results from your weight and balance calculation.
  • All of the information you need for the takeoff calculation is on this page. The basic information comes up first, then you can get details about any other aspect of the calculation by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the window. The obstacle tab shows the particulars for each obstacle in the calculation.

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