Tybee Jet

Learn About AFMatic

The Tybee Jet philosophy is that the software should do work for you, not help you do work. We gave AFMatic an easy-to-use interface and coupled that with state-of-the-art computational methods. AFMatic is a Windows 10 program, making full use of the available technology to deliver the power of a performance engineering department at the touch of a button to the corporate pilot. The result is a powerful flight planning tool.

Features and Benefits

Takeoff and landing calculations are accomplished by

  1. Selecting the airport and runway from the integral worldwide airport database
  2. Entering atmospheric and configuration information
  3. Pressing COMPUTE.

What could be easier?

Need to compute obstacle clearance? Calculations are performed for up to 25 obstacles on each runway, as well as SID required climb gradients. Though obstacles and SIDs aren’t included in the airport database, AFMatic provides the capability to store and retrieve data that the user enters manually.

In addition to takeoff and landing analysis, aircraft weight and balance may be computed. You may enter the aircraft Basic Operating Weight, seat locations, and other storage locations in the aircraft database. When you compute weight and balance, the center of gravity limits are checked for both forward and aft loading, so you will know you are within limits, no matter where the passengers sit.

JetMiser is a favorite feature! It is designed for only one purpose, and that is to save you money. JetMiser uses the concept of fuel tankering to minimize your total fuel cost for a multi-stop trip. Depending on the specifics of the trip, such as length of flight legs and relative fuel cost at each stop, JetMiser can save you thousands of dollars on a single trip. You’ll see cost savings whether fuel prices are high or low, and that’s something that most flight departments can really use.

One Click Weather allows you to view any of over 2,200 weather graphic images downloaded from the National Weather Service and NOAA weather data servers. In addition, METAR and TAF reports are available from over 6,300 airports. Just select the report or map that you want to see and click the “Retrieve” button. It’s a great tool for getting the big picture while planning the flight!

With its integrated database features, AFMatic is the perfect complement to the on-board performance computer in large cabin Gulfstreams. The worldwide airport database, in combination with the obstacle and SID data that the user can enter, provides unparalleled coverage and ease of use. Wherever you go, you’ll have the data you need at hand. And to make it even more convenient, you can search the database for airports, and even find weather alternates within a specified distance and having a specified minimum runway length. There’s never been an easier way to compute Gulfstream takeoff and landing performance.

AFMatic is kept current with an annual update subscription providing updates every 28 days to the worldwide airport database, the aircraft data provided by the manufacturer, and the software.