Tybee Jet


Brake cooling doesn’t seem like a big issue, until there is an overheating incident. And the charts in the AFM are notoriously difficult to use and interpret. AFMatic puts an end to that! Determining brake cooling requirements is now a simple matter of making a few inputs and clicking Compute! And if you are travelling to an unimproved airport, pavement considerations are easily computed.

  • AFMatic can provide an estimate of the brake cooling requirements based on the brake cooling appendix to the AFM and can compute the required cooling time between two brake applications. Here is the top of the inputs:
  • And the middle of the inputs:
  • Finally, the end of the inputs, and the results, showing that the first stop is in the normal zone, while the second stop is in the danger zone, and requires a cooling time between stops of 20 minutes to prevent exceeding max brake energy on the second stop.
  • You'll never sink into the ramp again! Pavement strength calculations are easy. Many runways have PCN data in the airport database, which can be called up here to make it even easier to know where you stand with pavement strength.

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