Tybee Jet


JetMiser uses the concept of fuel tankering to determine the optimum amount of fuel to buy at each stop of a multi-stop trip, in order to minimize the total cost of the trip. Buy cheap fuel and tanker it to the more expensive fuel stops. The concept is simple, but determining the right amount to buy at each stop in order to maximize your savings is a very complex calculation. JetMiser makes it EASY!

  • Here we see the inputs for a sample calculation, using the actual fuel prices at the time of calculation (they're higher now!).
  • Click "Add" on the input screen above and enter the specifics here for each leg of the trip. You may specify a distance, or use the Great Circle Distance Calculator. The flexibility is built-in to get as detailed as you like, or use defaults to make it quick and simple.
  • The calculation results show the minimum fuel loading for each fuel stop, which is what you would normally carry to minimize the total fuel consumption for the trip. Then comes the optimum fuel loading, which minimizes the total cost of fuel for the trip. The totals at the bottom reveal the value of spending a few minutes with JetMiser before you depart your home base!

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